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The food storage is not a trivial fact. Hibernate has extensive experience in the conservation and freezing, but most realize how important "to preserve good and as long as possible" for the consumer today.
Especially today, with nutrition concepts - hygiene - Microbiology - ecology - energy saving closer to Hibernate consumer.
For example, fruit and vegetables are increasingly important in our diets and Hibernate here focuses on better conservation techniques with a clean cold combined with cutting-edge energy classes.
The Iberna range class A + significantly reduces the consumption of energy. As many as 25% less than a similar refrigerator in Class A. Consuming less energy means not only ease the energy bill later this month but also into the atmosphere by a much smaller amount of CO², the gas responsible for the greenhouse.
Hibernate works with much attention to realization of products with a low content of energy consumption and high efficiency to provide the consumer appliances able to fully satisfy it.

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