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Our Policy

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Click here to see our General Policy

At Bells Domestics we are committed to providing consistently high quality service for all our customers. We pride ourselves on the fact that people not only save money by shopping with us but feel more confident dealing with a family-run business that actually cares about the individual. Below is a guideline to our general policy, indicating various aspects of the Bells Domestics service.

Range of Stock

Stock changes daily and therefore we cannot guarantee that certain items will be repeatable. We try our best to keep the stock we display on our website current and up to date but we take no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Please be aware the website only shows a fraction of the variety of stock we sell.

Storage of Goods

Bells Domestics can store items for up to 1 month. This is negotiable if discussed at the point of sale. We contact our customers near the end of the storage period. If this time elapses and we have not been able to make contact/or received no notification regarding an extension to the storage time, then we may resell the stored appliance/s. Goods remain the property of Bells Domestics until paid for in full.

Diagnostic Charges

We do not have a call out charge. When we repair an appliance, we only charge for parts, labour and VAT. However, if the customer does not want the job doing, or if the appliance is beyond economical repair, we have a standard diagnostic charge;

  • £25+VAT for free-standing appliances (not including gas appliances)

  • £35+VAT for built in appliances/gas appliances

Note: Most other companies add a call out charge on top of any other work done, we don't!
The above charges should be treated as a guideline but may vary. We always inform our customers of any extra charges as soon as we are able.

Payment Methods

We accept most major credit and debit cards as well as cash and cheques.
If you are a business and wish to open an account, please call us on 0113 2490496 or visit us at our showrooms on Cowper Road to find out more!

For more information about our business, please visit our about us page.

Click here to see our Warranty Policy

All our appliances are sold with a warranty and it is the intention of Bells Domestics to assure our customers that their appliance is fully protected within the stated boundaries of the related product warranty. Please refer to your receipt which contains the information relating to who covers the warranty on your appliance.
Below is a guideline to our policy on warranties, indicating various aspects of the Bells Domestics service.

Warranty Types

  • A Manufacturer's warranty (variable)

  • B Bells Domestics 1 year (12 months parts and labour)

  • C Bells Domestics 1 year (12 months parts, 6 months labour)

  • D Bells Domestics 6 months (6 months parts and labour)

  • E Bells Domestics 3 months (3 months parts and labour)

What is Covered?

  • Electrical faults directly related to only the product/s in question in accordance with pre defined rules in "what is not covered" section below.

  • Mechanical faults directly related to only the product/s in question in accordance with pre defined rules in "what is not covered" section below.

  • Any damage to goods by authorised employees of Bells Domestics during transit.

What is not covered?

  • Non-domestic use of any product.

  • Wilful act or neglect, including failure to follow manufacturers recommended guidelines.

  • Pump blockages on washing machines and dishwashers.

  • Damage caused by natural elements and/or chemicals.

  • Damage caused by power loss or electrical spikes.

  • Unblocking drainage channels on refrigeration equipment.

  • Consumable items requiring routine replacement e.g. light bulbs, disposable vac bags.

  • Wear and tear of cosmetic items e.g. cabinet trims, scratches and rust.

  • Wear and tear of parts not affecting operational functionality e.g. lids, hoses.

  • Work carried out by unauthorised people, including gas appliances not installed by a certified Gas Safe engineer.

  • Cookers - ignitions, clocks & timers.

  • Refrigeration - We do not under any circumstances accept claims for food loss. It is strongly advised that the contents of freezers are insured and checked regularly.

Click here to see our Delivery Policy

Below is a guideline to our delivery policy, indicating various aspects of the Bells Domestics service.

Delivery Areas

  • Leeds

  • Bradford

  • Harrogate

  • Wakefield

  • Huddersfield

  • Halifax

  • York

If you live in a different locality that listed above, our delivery team may still be able to reach you. Please call 0113 2490496 for confirmation.

Delivery Time Schedules

We aim to deliver appliances within 24-48 hours. We cannot be more specific with our delivery times on a particular day than morning or afternoon as follows;

  • Morning delivery: 09:00 to 13:00

  • Afternoon delivery: 13:00 to 17:30

  • We offer a telephone first service, 30 minutes before delivery.

Please notify us if you have any special delivery instructions or requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Delivery Charges

Please visit our appliance delivery page for more information.

Click here to see our Installation Policy

We can install every domestic appliance we sell. We have our own kitchen fitters who provide a specialist installation service for built-in/integrated appliances. For more information, please visit our appliance installation page.
Below is a guideline to our appliance installation policy, indicating various aspects of the Bells Domestics service.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bells Domestics will install appliances to existing fittings if after inspection we believe the existing equipment of the installation point is in a satisfactory and safe condition.

  • Bells Domestics retain the right to refuse the installation of any appliance if we believe doing so would be unsafe.

  • Bells Domestics delivery teams are not licensed or permitted to carry out any kind of gas installation. Installation of gas appliances are carried out by a Gas Safe engineer at an extra cost.

Installation Prices

Please visit our appliance installation page for information.

Please note: Installations can sometimes be difficult, especially on integrated/gas appliances and Bells Domestics can arrange a prior inspection for this reason. Prices may vary depending on work required.

Click here to see our Repairs Policy

Our engineers repair all major brands of free standing and built in domestic appliances, washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers, dishwashers, gas & electric cookers, ovens, hobs, fridge-freezers and many more. To book a repair, please visit our repair page. Below is a guideline to our repairs policy, indicating various aspects of the Bells Domestics service.

Service Areas

  • Leeds

  • Bradford

  • Harrogate

  • Wakefield

  • Huddersfield

  • Halifax

  • York

If you live in a different locality than listed above, our repair team may still be able to reach you. Please call 0113 2490496 for confirmation.

Engineer Callout Times

Our engineers are available 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Standard times are mornings from 09:00 to 13:00 and afternoons from 13:00 to 17:30. Timed calls are available when suitable prior notification has been made by the customer, this is subject to the discretion of Bells Domestics. If arranged, our mobile engineers can telephone or text customers 20-30 minutes prior to arrival. Please notify us if you have any special instructions or requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Chargeable Repairs

Chargeable repairs are work Bells Domestics carry out, regardless of where you purchased your appliance. All repair work is guaranteed for a period of 3 months parts & labour. Parts & labour refers specifically to the repair we have performed on your appliance.

IMPORTANT: There are exceptions to the coverage of the parts and labour warranty on chargeable repairs, these include;

  • Faults that may develop on your appliance after our visit which are not connected to the work we have carried out.

  • Previous work carried out by non qualified persons.

  • Subsequent work carried out by non qualified persons.

  • The misuse of the appliance

Under Warranty Repairs

This section covers electronic or mechanical faults which have arisen during a stated warranty period and faults that may develop on appliances which are connected to the previous repair work Bells Domestics have carried out. New appliances beyond economical repair: An exact replacement will be provided if still available. If not available, a replacement appliance of similar value and specification will be provided. Reconditioned appliances beyond economical repair: A replacement appliance of similar value and specification will be provided.

IMPORTANT: Cosmetic items are not covered under warranty, these include;

  • Door handles

  • Trims/edging

  • Glass shelves & doors

  • Damage to internal & external cabinets, lids, fittings & surfaces

Repair Charges

Bells Domestics do not have a call out charge for work accepted. Customers would only pay the parts and labour costs required to repair the appliance, as quoted by the engineer and/or office staff. If a quote is provided for a repair which a customer cannot afford, or refuses to accept, a diagnostic charge is applicable to cover the engineers time.

Diagnostic Charges

  • Free standing laundry, electric cookers £25 + vat = £30

  • Free standing dishwashers £35 + vat = £42

  • Integrated ovens/hobs/extractors £30 + vat = £36

  • Integrated dishwashers £40 + vat = £48 upwards

Beyond Economical Repair

Situations can arise where our engineers have diagnosed a fault and the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the appliance and/or a complete replacement appliance, or the parts required are not available (obsolete). In these cases the appliance is deemed "Beyond Economical Repair" (BER). If this happens we can offer a free delivery & installation on free standing appliances and a discounted price on integrated appliances if you chose to buy a replacement new or reconditioned appliance from Bells Domestics.

Click here to see our Spares Policy

The terms and conditions below explain limitations in using our spare parts enquiry form and spare parts service. Please be aware that the spare part enquiry form is not a fault diagnosis service. Please visit our appliance repair page, or call 0113 2490496 if you would like one of our experienced engineers to investigate a faulty appliance.

Terms & Conditions

All spare parts are sold on the understanding that they are fitted by a suitably competent person. Bells Domestics accept no responsibility for any injury sustained through the fitting of a spare part purchased from us.

  • Bells Domestics will not be held responsible for the failure of a customer to recognise or practise the required safety procedures while fitting a spare part purchased from us.

  • The customer is responsible for correctly diagnosing any fault(s) on appliance(s) and therefore part(s) ordered by customers are treated as specifically required to correctly repair the appliance(s).

  • We do not supply spare parts for fault finding purposes. Please use our repair service.

  • Special order items, circuit boards and other delicate electronic items are non returnable and non refundable.

Returning non-faulty spare parts

Non faulty spares are returnable only under the following conditions;

  • Condition: Bells Domestics staff ordered the wrong spare part.

  • Condition: The wrong spare part was picked through a supplier.

Please note: Condition/s will only be honoured if correct information has been supplied by the customer.

A reminder when using our spares service

Bells Domestics urge all our customers to be certain exactly which part is required before ordering a specific spare part. We can accept no liability when incorrect technical information has been given to us.

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