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Appliance Installation

Our appliance installation service goes above and beyond what is available from our competitors: We can install free standing or built in/integrated appliances including: ovens, hobs, extractors, all refrigeration, washers, dishwashers and more.
Please note: the information on this page regarding our installation service relates specifically to appliances purchased from Bells Domestics. If you would like us to install an appliance which was not purchased through ourselves, please call us on 0113 2490496 to discuss your options.

If you are considering appliance installation, you may want to visit our appliance delivery page which contains information on the areas we cover, cost and extent of service.

Our experienced installers provide a service which is second to none: All our installers are properly trained, we use GasSafe registered personnel to install gas appliances like gas hobs and gas cookers thus ensuring a high standard of work which helps to keep you and your family safe. For convenience, most appliances can be delivered and installed on the same day you purchase them!

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Standard Installation

  • Appliances are positioned correctly, levelled and aligned

  • Fitting and aligning of wooden kitchen doors

  • Repositioning and refitting of hinges including drilling and filling

  • Drilling and securing fixings

  • Fitting of cooker hoods (all types)

  • All appliances are tested after installation

  • Full removal from premises of old free-standing & built-in appliances

Extended Installation

  • Altering existing plumbing to accommodate laundry products

  • Drilling cupboard panels to accommodate new wiring or hoses

  • Cutting of wooden plinths

  • Cutting of worktops for hobs etc. (wooden type only)

  • Small kitchen alterations (wooden surfaces only)

Standard installation assumes the desired location for the appliance and pre-existing fixtures require no alteration work.
Extended installation includes supplemental work to modify the appliance enclosure and/or associated fixtures. Extra charges apply.
For information on our charges, please see below.

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Free Standing Appliances

  • Washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers - Standard installation charge £25

  • Tumble dryers - Standard installation charge £15

  • Refrigeration - Standard installation charge £15

  • Refrigeration Side-by-Side Fridge Freezers - Standard installation charge £40

  • Electric cookers - Standard installation charge £40

  • Gas cookers - Standard installation charge £70 + parts

  • Dual fuel cookers - Standard installation charge £100 + parts

Built In Appliances

  • Laundry - Standard installation charge £50

  • Single door refrigeration - Standard installation charge £50

  • Double door refrigeration - Standard installation charge £80

  • Single ovens - Standard installation charge £35

  • Double ovens - Standard installation charge £50

  • Gas hobs - Standard installation charge £80 + parts

  • Electric hobs - Standard installation charge £50

  • Cooker hoods - Standard installation charge £80

  • Island cooker hoods - Standard installation charge £200

Only standard installation charges are mentioned because extended installation is calculated on an individual basis according to specific requirements. We can call out to your home free of charge and provide an estimate for you, if you would like us to do this: please call 0113 2490946 or use our contact us form to send us a message.

Here to Help

If you have any further questions about our installation service, please use the form on our contact us page to leave us a message, or call us directly on 0113 2490496.

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