Appliance Buying Guides

Below you will find useful information regarding various appliance types. This information will help you choose the correct appliance according to your specific requirements and should serve as a way to make informed decisions about buying new appliances and saving money in the long run.

Washing Machines
"A larger drum means using more water and taking longer to heat up which can end up costing you more..."
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Washer Dryers
"All washer dryers are condenser dryers and water is extracted using the same outlet pipe..."
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Tumble Dryers
"Tumble dryers do not have good energy efficiency ratings because they generate a considerable amount of heat..."
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"Dishwashers are non-essential labour saving devices with a variety of different fittings for different kitchens..."
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"Cookers are available with different specifications: lpg gas, natural gas, ceramic, induction hobs..."
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"Frost free refrigeration appliances are much more complex and expensive to repair..."
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