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Buying your first dishwasher?
We have a wide range of dishwashers available: currently we have 0 freestanding dishwashers and 1 integrated dishwashers to choose from.
Just click the boxes above to navigate to the section of your choice, or if you are new to dishwashers, read our useful buying guide below.

Capacity: 4 to 14 place settings
Types: free-standing, integrated or drawline (semi-integrated)
Consumables: detergent tablets, rinse aid, salt

Main Points
The amount of place settings on a dishwasher will determine the amount of cutlery and crockery it can wash.
We recommend to always use dishwasher salt regardless if in hard or soft water area.
If you live in a hard-water area you will find that salt is required to prevent the build up of lime scale.
Adding rinse aid to your dishwasher ensures water is dispersed from crockery which helps drying.
Dishwashers are available in two different widths: 450mm and 600mm. Please be aware that height is adjustable and depth can vary with different manufacturers. Bells Domestics provide a full fitting service for these appliances.
For large families, or people who don't have a lot of time on their hands, a dishwasher can really help. We sell a variety of different makes and models, both free-standing and built-in. See dishwashers in our superstore, or on our website.
A fully integrated dishwasher is where the kitchen cupboard door fully covers the front of the dishwasher.
A semi-integrated dishwasher or "drawline" means that a cupboard door is attached to the front of the dishwasher but the control panel remains visible. This type is not very common but is available if requested.

Before you buy...
It is important with any appliance to first measure the space in your kitchen as there are slight differences in dimensions (especially depth) between certain makes and models. A few millimetres here and there could make the difference between your new appliance being able to fit in its designated space, or not!
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Hoover HDI1LO38S-80

Hoover HDI1LO38S-80 Dishwasher in Stainless Steel
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