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Buying your first freezer?
We have a wide range of freezers available: currently we have 19 freestanding freezers, 7 integrated freezers and 3 chest freezers to choose from.
Just click the boxes above to navigate to the section of your choice, or if you are new to freezers, read our useful buying guide below.

Capacity: 1.6cuft to 20cuft+
Variations: upright, chest

Types: freestanding or integrated
Cooling: conventional, frost-free, low-frost
Main Points
In conventional freezers you will see the formation of ice on interior surfaces such as visible metal pipework and the interior cabinet itself.
All the coolant pipes in frost-free freezers are hidden beneath plastic and an internal fan blows cold air into cavity.
The required safe temperature for freezers are -18°C. The larger the appliance, the more power will be needed to maintain these temperatures.
Frost free freezers are not as reliable as they contain more parts such as PCB's (protected circuit boards) which include defrost timers and fan control regulators.
Low frost freezers are a recently new design. Low frost relates to the freezer where the appliance has internal cooling elements within the cabinet sides and back which although do build up with ice, do so very minimally.

Before you buy...
It is important with any appliance to first measure the space in your kitchen as there are slight differences in dimensions (especially depth) between certain makes and models. A few millimetres here and there could make the difference between your new appliance being able to fit in its designated space, or not!
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Statesman U355S Freezer in Silver
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Statesman TF160LW Freezer in White
Liebherr GN1066

Liebherr GN1066 Freezer in White
Hoover HBFUP130K

Hoover HBFUP130K Freezer in White
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