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Free Leeds Delivery
That's right! We are now offering free deliveries on all major appliances within the city of Leeds.
This is to show our continued commitment to lowering our costs while still providing a high quality service for all our customers.

There are no limitations on time here, take advantage of our offer whenever you wish.
Fridge Freezers

Fridge Freezers

Buying your first fridge freezer?
We have a wide range of fridge freezers available: currently we have 44 freestanding fridge freezers, 9 integrated fridge freezers and 7 side by side fridge freezers to choose from.
Just click the boxes above to navigate to the section of your choice, or if you are new to fridge freezers, read our useful buying guide below.

Capacity: 3.1cuft to 20cuft+
Types: Freestanding, built in, side by side
Cooling: conventional, frost-free, low frost

Main Points
In conventionally cooled fridge freezers you will see the formation of ice on interior surfaces. Metal pipework is visible in freezers but not visible in the majority of fridges where cooling plates are hidden beneath plastic. All fridge sections are auto defrost and don't need defrosting.
In frost-free fridge freezers the metal pipework is hidden beneath plastic. A fan blows cold air into the cavities. All fridges are either auto dfrost or frost free and don't need defrosting.
Low frost refrigeration is very similar to standard refrigeration except the cooling pipes are all hidden beneath plastic so very little ice formation occurs but unlike frost-free, no fans are used to circulate the cold air.
The required safe temperature for fridges is between 3°C and 5°C. The required safe temperature for freezers is -18°C. The larger the appliance, the more power will be needed to maintain these temperatures.
Frost free fridge freezers contain PCB's (protected circuit boards) which include defrost timers and fan control regulators. If these components go faulty they can be expensive to replace.
There are a variety of different sizes of fridge freezers available to choose from including the ratios between fridge and freezer. Your choice of a new fridge freezer will be influenced by eating habits, for instance if you eat more fresh food you will need a larger fridge, or more frozen food, a larger freezer.
Some fridge freezers with ice and drinks dispensers require plumbing in to the water supply, check the model first to see if this is the case.
Some side-by-side/American style fridge freezers can take up a lot of space and are heavy to move. If you are considering buying one, first measure the space where the appliance is going and verify the space for access points in the property prior to purchase. For help on this call us on 0113 2490496.

Before you buy...
It is important with any appliance to first measure the space in your kitchen as there are slight differences in dimensions (especially depth) between certain makes and models. A few millimetres here and there could make the difference between your new appliance being able to fit in its designated space, or not!
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