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Buying your first fridge?
We have a wide range of fridges available: currently we have 32 freestanding fridges and 21 integrated fridges to choose from.
Just click the boxes above to navigate to the section of your choice, or if you are new to fridges, read our useful buying guide below.

Capacity: 1.6cuft to 20cuft+
Types: freestanding or integrated
Variations: larder, icebox

Main Points
Standard standard larder fridges are auto defrost, formation of ice can be seen on the rear panel which is either metal or plastic.
Icebox fridge have various ratings for their interior icebox which can be 0, 1, 2 or 3 star rated - this determines how long food will keep.
The required safe temperature for fridges is between 3°C and 5°C. The larger the appliance, the more power will be needed to maintain these temperatures.

Before you buy...
It is important with any appliance to first measure the space in your kitchen as there are slight differences in dimensions (especially depth) between certain makes and models. A few millimetres here and there could make the difference between your new appliance being able to fit in its designated space, or not!
Interested in these?
Montpellier MRF48W

Montpellier MRF48W Fridge in White
Bosch KIL82AF30G

Bosch KIL82AF30G Fridge in White
Indesit SI61S

Indesit SI61S Fridge in Silver
Bexel BR-82W

Bexel BR-82W Fridge in White
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