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Data Policy

Data Policy

Our data policy contains in depth information about your privacy, the security of your data, our ICO enrolment as a data controller, a guide on the cookies we use and subject access requests. See below for info.
The information below explains the level of security we employ to keep you safe on our website and provides valuable information about our cookies as well as how to contact us if you want your saved data amended or deleted.
Data Security
Our website uses a security certificate (SSL) which employs a 256bit cipher, this cipher encrypts all user data for your connection so only you can see the information you submit to us.
The security certificate we use is an SSL with Extended Validation (EV SSL) which means extensive checks have been done to ascertain that our company is genuine and meets the necessary guidelines to assure customers a trouble free shopping experience.
The padlock icon to the left of the top address bar on your browser window tells you that our website has an SSL certificate. You will see our company name just to the right of the padlock symbol, this indicates that we have passed authenticity and are using a high level EV SSL certificate.
Submission of data to our server is achieved using secure coding methods which help to circumvent all forms of hacking attempts. Our website has been tested using industry leading security analysis tools. Specific information about our code and the security tools used to achieve our highly secure data transfer process is restricted to protect the integrity of this website and the security of our customers.
Data Retention
For sales we need to retain your details in order to arrange product delivery. Also your data must be retained by us for at least the length of the product warranty and appliance care extension period (if applicable) of the appliance you have purchased. This is in case you need to contact us if anything goes wrong - we keep your information as a customer record so our system can recognize you as a genuine customer and we can provide you with after sales service.
For repairs we need to retain your details in order to arrange an engineer visit. Also your data must be retained by us for at least the length of the repair warranty, this is in case you need to contact us if anything goes wrong - we keep your information as a customer record so our system can recognize you as a genuine customer.
For spare parts we need to retain your details in order to either deliver the part to your address or if required, arrange an engineer callout.
Card Data
The card details you enter on our website are used only in direct communication with our eCommerce gateway provider who then liaises with your bank to check the details you entered and finally authorize your payment.
We never store any of your card details, ever.
After you have successfully purchased a product from us online you can sign up for an account using your order number, once you have done this we will send you an email asking you to activate your account. The activation step is required for data security and to fulfil our obligations as an enrolled data controller. When you activate your account you have opted in for a second time meaning you have provided us with permission to communicate with you.
Signing up for an account enables you to view your order information online. We need your authority in order to provide your private data to you through a public website and we need to make sure that you are who you say you are in order to view this data as we understand the importance of data security.
We may send you an occasional email regarding your order as a customer service follow up but we will not send you any advertising, nor will we bombard you with emails.
You retain the right to close your account at any time you wish should you feel it necessary.
Data Sharing
The only time we ever share your data with anyone else is in supplying your details to a designated appliance manufacturer for the official purpose of registration of product warranty or to liaise with manufacturers regarding service within a specified product warranty period.
We will NOT at any time nor under ANY circumstances sell or share your data with 3rd parties - this is a promise to all our customers so we can keep providing a trustworthy and reliable service.
For peace of mind, we will NOT use your email address to send you unsolicited emails, use your telephone number to make unsolicited calls, nor will we use your address to send you any unsolicited mail.
Subject Access Requests
If we no longer need to retain your data you may instruct us to amend or delete it. This can be done by sending a letter to our business address;

Bells Domestics
Unit 2
Camart House
15-19 Cowper Road

Please make sure you send us 2 forms of ID: a copy of an official government document proving your identity and a copy of a letter (example: a utility bill) which has been addressed to you. If appropriate please send us your order number as well. Please make sure you specify what data you would like us to amend or delete. If you aren't sure what data we have retained, you may ask us and we will reveal exactly the data we have for you.


Do NOT send original documents, we will not be held responsible if they are lost or damaged!
Cookie Data
We use four of our own cookies, 1 session cookie from our payment gateway provider and a range of cookies from Google for analytical purposes. Google's cookie policy is available at: https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies
Shopping cart - when you add something to your shopping cart a cookie will be stored for a maximum of 1 day or will expire immediately after you have successfully purchased the goods.
Appliance repair - when you visit our appliance repair page a cookie will be stored for a maximum of 1 day or will expire immediately after you have successfully completed the repair form.
Appliance spare parts - when you visit our appliance spare parts page a cookie will be stored for a maximum of 1 day or will expire immediately after you have successfully completed the spare parts form.
Account login - when you log in to your account a cookie will be assigned to let us know you are authorized to view your order information. This cookie will expire after 1 day or immediately after logging out.
Google Analytics - stores various session cookies to track page usage which helps us understand what is popular.

About Cookies: If a cookie is a session cookie, it will expire as soon as you close your browser. The other type of cookie we use are called perisistent cookies, these expire after a specified period of time.
To put your mind at rest, every single cookie we provide is a secure cookie meaning it will only be issued over an encrypted (SSL) channel. This means cookie hijacking is impossible. Also you might like to know that we never store any personal data about you in our cookies, they are merely a string of random numbers and letters assigned to your computer in order for our website to identify your specific connection.

This website and its content are protected under copyright law. No part of this web site may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form and by any means, except with the following exceptions: search engines, spiders, bots, review sites or sites Bells Domestics are already using. Although care has been taken, Bells Domestics cannot guarantee the accuracy of information on this website and therefore we will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions and accept no liability for loss or damage, howsoever arising. Bells Domestics reserve the right to remove the site or remove and alter content at any time without prior notice.

This website may include links to other websites; these links are used to provide further information and are not intended to signify that Bells Domestics endorses such websites and/or their content. Bells Domestics take no responsibility for loss or damage suffered as a result of using external websites.

By using our website you are agreeing to this disclaimer and our stated policies.
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