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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Our delivery policy contains in depth information about the terms & conditions of our delivery service. See below for info.
The information below explains the limitations and definitions of our delivery service.
Terms & Conditions
Same day/next day delivery - should be available if the product ordered is in stock at Bells Domestics.
AM or PM delivery options - we can offer morning or afternoon deliveries if agreed. Our AM delivery times are before 1pm. Our PM delivery times are after 1pm up until the close of the working day at 17:30.
Timed delivery arrangement - we can offer a timed delivery arrangement if agreed. This can be in the form of a phone call half an hour before the delivery takes place or at a specified time, subject to agreement.
Our delivery teams can lift appliances over permanent fittings but we would appreciate anything that can be freely moved to be in a position which would not obstruct the delivery of your appliance.
Our delivery teams can move appliances up or down stairs if requested.
Please make sure you measure access into your property and the proposed final appliance location, this is essential. Please pay special attention if buying large appliances as they may not fit, this could apply to items like large chest freezers, American style - side by side fridge freezers or range cookers.
Please note: Bells Domestics will not be held responsible in any situation where an appliance cannot be succesfully delivered due to incorrect measurements taken by a customer.
If Bells Domestics are responsible for any damage to property.
All our staff are covered by a fully comprehensive Public and Employers Liability Insurance policy.

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