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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Our warranty policy contains in depth information about various different warranty types, what is covered under warranty and what is not covered. See below for info.
All new product/s are sold with manufacturer's warranty. The length of warranty may vary depending on manufacturer and model. You may extend this warranty by purchasing an appliance care package for up to 3 or 5 years. For more information, please see our appliance care page.
Your product/s are protected within the stated boundaries of the related product warranty, please refer to your receipt which contains the relevant warranty information.
Warranty Types
Manufacturer warranty relevant to product
Additional warranty - up to 3 Years appliance care
Additional warranty - up to 5 Years appliance care
What's Covered?
Electrical faults directly related to only the product/s in question in accordance with pre defined rules in "what is not covered" section below.
Mechanical faults directly related to only the product/s in question in accordance with pre defined rules in "what is not covered" section below.
Any damage to goods by authorised employees of Bells Domestics during transit.
What's not covered?
Non-domestic use of any product.
Wilful act or neglect, including failure to follow manufacturers recommended guidelines.
Damage caused to product/s whether accidentally or wilfully.
Damage caused by natural elements and/or chemicals.
Damage caused by power loss or electrical spikes.
Pump blockages on washing machines and dishwashers.
Unblocking drainage channels on refrigeration equipment.
Consumable items requiring routine replacement e.g. light bulbs, disposable vac bags.
Wear and tear of cosmetic items e.g. cabinet trims, scratches and rust.
Wear and tear of parts not affecting operational functionality e.g. lids, hoses.
Work carried out by unauthorised people, including gas appliances not installed by a certified Gas Safe engineer.
Refrigeration - We do not under any circumstances accept claims for food loss. It is strongly advised that the contents of freezers are insured and checked regularly.

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