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Indesit BWC61452W

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About this product
This brand new washing machine comes with 10 years parts, 1 year labour warranty and is finished in pure white. Features fast spin, standard drum and easy to use manual controls. A++ rated.

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Product Information

Standard Information
Energy Rating
10 years parts, 1 years labour
Technical Information
Control Type
Half Load
Quick Wash
Delicate Wash
Delay Start
Water Consumption
8380L (per annum)
172kWh (per annum)
The cost of installation for this appliance is £25.00

Our appliance installation service goes above and beyond anything our competitors are able to offer. We install free standing & integrated appliances including: ovens, hobs, extractors, refrigeration, washers, dishwashers and more.
The installation service we provide is available only on appliances purchased through Bells Domestics.

If you are considering appliance installation and would like more information, please visit our appliance installation page. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0113 2490496 to discuss your options.
Appliance Care
Appliance care up to 3 years for this product is £66.96
Appliance care up to 5 years for this product is £119.88

You may extend the warranty of this appliance up to 3 or 5 years, this includes the appliance manufacturer's warranty period. Protect your appliance by choosing a care plan for an additional but reasonable cost!

The appliance care plans we offer cover the cost of the parts and labour required to perform repairs during the selected warranty extension period. The care plan will only come into effect when the manufacturer's standard warranty period has expired.

For more information, please visit our appliance care page. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0113 2490496 to discuss your options.
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Friendly Reminder
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To find out, call us on 0113 2490496.

Appliance Installation
Installation for this appliance costs £25.00

Find out more about appliance installation.

Appliance Recycling
Recycling for this appliance is completely free of charge

Find out more about appliance recycling.

Appliance Care
3 years care for this appliance costs £66.96
5 years care for this appliance costs £119.88

Find out more about appliance care/extended warranty.

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