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Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Buying your first washing machine?
We have a wide range of washing machines available: currently we have 5 freestanding washing machines and 0 integrated washing machines to choose from.
Just click the boxes above to navigate to the section of your choice, or if you are new to washing machines, read our useful buying guide below.

Capacity: 5kg to 12kg
Spin Speed: 1000rpm to 1600rpm
Programs: delicates, half load, quick wash

Main Points
The larger the capacity of the drum on your washing machine, the more washing you can put in it but this can also mean more wear and tear on components and a reduced life span for the appliance.
A higher spin speed will mean drier clothes and will therefore reduce the time it will take for your washing to fully dry. Beware that high spin speeds create stronger centrifugal forces which can produce a mechanical breakdown more quickly than a lower spin speed.
If you have delicate clothes, or you intend to wash mixed fabrics, it would be a good idea to consider a lower wash temperature or a delicate program to protect against colour bleed and shrinkage.
Also consider machines that offer a quick wash for lightly soiled clothing that needs refreshing, this is a money saver! Note: quick washes are usually designed for smaller loads, read the manufacturers instructions for more info on this.

Before you buy...
It is important with any appliance to first measure the space in your kitchen as there are slight differences in dimensions (especially depth) between certain makes and models. A few millimetres here and there could make the difference between your new appliance being able to fit in its designated space, or not!
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Statesman FWM0714SE

Statesman FWM0714SE Washing Machine in Silver
Indesit BWE91484XWUKN

Indesit BWE91484XWUKN Washing Machine in White
Statesman FWM0814E

Statesman FWM0814E Washing Machine in White
Indesit BWA81483XSUKN

Indesit BWA81483XSUKN Washing Machine in Silver
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